Diamond Pendants

At Shree Ganesh Jewellers, we pride ourselves on setting and maintaining high standards. Unlike most other jewellers, Shree Ganesh Jewellers diamonds are certified by highly skilled graders at our dedicated diamond sourcing office in Bharat diamond bourse – the largest diamond bourse of the world. These carefully graded diamonds are then set into our jewellery. This ensures that you not only receive an exquisite piece of jewellery, but also that you are fully aware of its value.


Absence or presence of inclusions in a diamonds determines the clarity grade of a diamond.

The diamonds we select fall in the clarity grades of VVS, VS, SI or I. What further sets us apart at Shree Ganesh Jewellers is our practice of using only diamonds that belong to the top of the band of the same clarity grade in a particular piece of jewellery, thus delivering best in class diamonds to Shree Ganesh Jewellers customers. We also do not mix clarity grades unlike many jewellers in the market.